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Solar panel systems help you save money and protect against rising utility costs. On average, EnergySage solar shoppers achieve payback on their system in just seven and a half years, and they continue to save for the rest of their system’s 25+ year lifespan. However, your 20-year solar savings depend on where you live. There are a few major factors that influence what you can save:

Electricity rates: If you live somewhere with high electricity rates compared to other regions, your solar energy savings will be higher thanks to avoided electricity costs.
Local financial incentives: If your state or local government offers cash rebates, tax credits or incentives such as SRECs, you’ll save even more.
Solar financing: There are three major solar financing options: cash purchases, solar loans, and solar leases/PPAs. Each option offers a different value proposition and long-term return.

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We offer simple financing programs that make it easier than ever for individuals to purchase the solar system they need. These solutions offer homeowners the chance to manage the initial costs of a solar install, and were specifically designed for those with and without equity in their home, helping to further ensure that the system needed is within reach.

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