​​​​​​The parameter of the mppt controler say. .Rated pv  12v system  260w on 20 amp, 390w on 30 amps, 520w on 40amp. 780w on 60amp.

I have JKM310P panels,  I need an extension cable to connet them to my inverter,  what is the type of connectors I need on the extension cable

One of the best resources to find accurate up-to-date information about rebates is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

Sol-PV uses an innovative shipment verification process to check orders before they are shipped; however, there are times when orders ship incomplete no matter how hard we work. If an order ships incomplete,Please be sure to provide your order number so that our Customer Service team can quickly tackle the problem and determine the best way to provide you with a solution.

I’ve been poring over manufacturing datasheets and reliability documents for hours and feel like I’m getting nowhere. What are the main criteria I should be looking for to ensure my modules will last the test of time

Contract Pending” means your account manager has not yet generated a contract for this Sales Order. If you wish to proceed with purchasing this Sales Order please contact your account manager and request that they send you a Sales Order Docusign contract.

Due to the size and the weight of panels, most equipment is shipped via best-service common carrier freight. We work with most of the major freight companies to secure the best freight prices and then pass the savings on to you.

If accepted as an authorized Sol-PV dealer, you are eligible to complete a credit application to establish a line of credit.